Summer is Almost Here (And What That Means for your Health!)

As the days begin to warm, the spring showers turn into sunshine and the trees get their full canopy back, summer in Chicago has returned! Whether it’s the first BBQ of Memorial Day weekend or fun summer plans, you will soon find yourself back in the swing of summer.

Although this is a glorious change after a long winter and spring— sometimes in the excitement of the new season and amazing weather, we make choices that contradict our health commitments and wellness routines. A few examples come to mind…

  1. Overeating BBQ foods, under-eating vegetables…

  2. One (or two) too many alcoholic beverages…

  3. Forgetting to wear sunscreen…

  4. Not drinking enough water…

When thinking about a healthy lifestyle, it’s totally normal to follow the 80/20 rule. Meaning, 80% of your time is spent following “the rules” so to speak, of your health journey. The remaining 20% is spent being more flexible and lenient. Proponents of this philosophy understand that life happens— and sometimes we need to let go and have some fun! Which brings me to my first tip on how to stay on track this summer:

1. Plan your social calendar in advance!

Whether digital or with a pen and paper— get a calendar and plan out all the social events you have this summer. Getting organized about what obligations you have will provide clarity when planning the rest of your week. This way there’s no excuse not to pre-plan your workouts, grocery store trips, meal prepping and personal down time. When there is a plan in place, we can anticipate that 80/20 lifestyle and consciously make choices, knowing you’re still on your healthy life path.

2. Make an eating plan for social events, and stick to it!

Think about the events you’ll be at. Make sure you’re satiated and your hunger is stable throughout the day so you don’t make decisions from a ravenous mood! Is your friend (bless his heart) like a really bad cook? Maybe eat a small meal before those plans, and stick to the veggies, fruits and simple foods. Or on the flip side, are you totally looking forward to dinner at your favorite restaurant with your friends? Plan ahead— get your workouts in, eat accordingly and come a little hungry so you can really savor every single bite.

3. You know your limits, so honor them!

When it comes to alcohol— you know what your limits are. No one ever wants to be “that” person. So, if you’re going to be drinking, eat something before and keep track of your drinks. Have a plan, like two glasses of wine, and then cut yourself off. Or, just nurse a glass of your favorite drink while everyone else has several. Even with food— understand your limits. Maybe a scoop of your favorite ice-cream is ok this summer— but two scoops or more will hurt your stomach. Remember your boundaries and stick to them. Get friends and family together and hold each other accountable!

4. Treat yourself like someone you love and care about!

Self care is such an important topic these days. We seem to understand as a culture, that we need to prioritize self care, yet— when it comes to basic things like drinking enough water, wearing (non-toxic) sunscreen or getting enough sleep we sometimes fall asleep at the wheel. Imagine it’s your son, daughter, best friend or parent. Would you want them properly hydrated, protected and rested? Then treat yourself that way! This summer, make a conscious effort to slow down, get back to basics and make sure you are taken care of.

And as always— here at Deep Roots Natural Medicine, we’re ready to help you take strides this summer towards your natural health goals. We offer acupuncture, cupping and a variety of functional medicine services including lab testing (blood, stool, food allergy and hormonal) plus full lab evaluation, nutritional supplementation, health and lifestyle coaching and natural weight loss support. Call us at 312-759-7600 today or email to set up an appointment! We look forward to seeing you this summer.