3 Tips to Survive Cold & Flu Season

As fall comes around, it seems like the cold and flu viruses are spreading like wildfire! Many of our patients have come into the clinic complaining of congestion, runny noses, coughs and lethargy that kept them home from work a few days. 

Surviving cold and flu seasons is a tenuous in our culture— we are constantly bombarded by germs, poor sanitation and crowded spaces. Contrary to popular belief, colds aren’t caused by being cold and wet— they’re caused by the spread of viruses either on contaminated surfaces or from airborne sources, like from someone’s cough or sneeze. 

That means that public transport, shared office spaces (like the coffee pot) and the treadmill at your gym are all fair game. Germs are everywhere around you— and not all of them are bad… unless you have the misfortune of coming into contact with the cold virus.

Prevention is always the best course of action. Once you have full blown symptoms— rest, fluids, proper nutrition and good old fashioned “riding it out” is typically the best course of action. But for those of you not sick, but who want to stay ahead of the curve, here are three tips to survive cold and flu season unscathed! 

1. Boost your Immune System

You wouldn’t run a marathon without ever training, right? Don’t show up to cold and flu season unprepared. Even if you feel awesome, you can still build your immune system the following ways:

Get your Vitamin C from food by eating extra leafy greens, broccoli and winter squash.

Take a high quality supplement or herbal tea for immune support every day.

*We have multiple immune supporting supplements and Chinese herbal teas available at the clinic. Acupuncture is also a great way to support your immune system!

2.  Practice Amazing Sanitation 

Know yourself— know your body. Everyone is susceptible to viruses and bad germs, but some more than others. Here are two good ways to practice sanitation:

— Wash your hands after touching public or shared surfaces. Get in the habit of washing your hands a few extra times a day, or even invest in a natural hand sanitizer to keep on you.

— Protect your respiratory system. Traveling with sick passengers on public transit? Try wearing a mask, or covering your mouth and nose with a scarf. If you’re really ambitious— wake up a little early and walk the last two or three stops before you get off. This is great way to get extra exercise, get some fresh air and avoid the crowds.

3. Focus on the Gut

Your gut is so important to your health because it’s inextricably tied to your immune system and overall wellness. People with strong, healthy guts talk about how they fare better during cold and flu season. Here’s how you can help:

— Protect your mucosal intestinal layer. It forms a protective layer in the gut and reduces inflammation by protecting you from bad bacteria and germs. This is important because it’s your biggest defender of the gut-blood barrier. Foods like bone broth and glutathione-rich supplements are excellent for this!

— Support your good bacteria colonies. Just as we want to avoid supporting the bad bacteria, we want to support the good guys. Good bacteria can help fend off unwanted bad bacteria and germs before it turns into a cold. Avoiding refined sugars and eating lots of fiber alongside probiotics is an excellent way to accomplish this.

We use multiple supplements and clinical strength probiotics at our clinic, that are only available to patients. Schedule an appointment today!

Follow these thee tips, and you not only might escape cold and flu season unscathed— but also feeling better than ever. Imagine that!

Remember that at Deep Roots Natural Medicine we’re here to support you for all your natural healthcare needs. Give us a call today at 312-759-7600 or email us if you have any questions or want to focus on supporting your immune system.